Sunday, 18 October 2009

Saturday - Skirball Center

Doing so much that we haven't had time to keep this up - sorry to loyal followers! So, just to go back to Saturday's events. My cousins Simon and Lisa recommended that we visit a place called the Skirball Center: it's a massive Jewish Museum, but prides itself on this amazing Noah's Ark exhibition for children which is all hands-on, interactive, fun and not too much explicit learning, all intuitive, no text or instructions. We were not disappointed.
In fact, it was the most laughing we have done so far, amazingly good fun, quite energetic (crawling through rope bridges and ladders designed for 4 year olds!), and some of the most ingenious ideas we've seen. I will post some films on YouTube that we made in the style of an artist we'd seen in San Diego who made films from the backs of animals and insects. I will say no more now about the films... Wait and see.
The Noah's Ark itself took 5 years to plan and build and we could really see why. Attention to detail and design was everwhere - and again this big American theme of recycling materials: turning familiar everyday stuff into new things. Sounds like the Object Dialogue Box? It was a bit. It wasn't overtly religious, although the centre itself had a Jewish museum proper and hosted all sorts of events and religious ceremonies there (there was a funeral while we were there). Again, like the Getty, benefactors and endowments are massive and it was clearly a very wealthy place. They also had a separate hands-on archaeology place in big sandpits on the roof. So glad that we went there on our 'day off'. Another proper immersive environment that makes use of junk. Can we make an immersive environment from all the detritus and debris left over from our dead interactives perhaps?! Anyway, more to report in next installment.

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