Tuesday, 13 October 2009


LA's Chinatown - really near the central finance district of Downtown LA, but so different. Sadly most of the arty places were closed today and it was surprisingly quiet everywhere, but we did manage to find the bakery in the Lonely Planet so all was not lost!

After this, we walked back to the car, and then drove (after a bit of hysterical laughter/fear at not knowing where we were) along Wilshire Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard back to our hotel where we met my cousin, Simon Andreae. He drove us to their amazing house in Pacific Pallisades, where we were given a guided tour by 3 of their sons, Jonah, Moby and Fitz. Then Simon and his wife Lisa took us for an amazing dinner of sushi and crab cakes in Santa Monica. They also recommended the Skirball Centre as a place with amazing interactives so we hope to go there too as it is just down the road. And now it is past my bedtime and we have proper work to do tomorrow at the Getty so time for some much needed beauty sleep.

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