Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens

No visit to Phoenix could be complete without a visit to this amazing cactus desert park. We saw catuses: lots of them - but all different varieties. We also jackrabbits, desert woodpeckers that live inside the giant saguaro cactus (which only lives in this part of the world in the Sonaran Desert), lizards, desert quails, parrots (possibly love birds?) - and also - HUMMING BIRDS feeding off beautiful desert flowers. They were amazing and our photos do not do the wildlife justice (no prizes for us for Wildlife Photographer of the Year, although Alex's parrot is particularly amazing). The desert is not barren at all but really rich and colourful. It was amazing to see the vegetation and go inside some traditional houses made from plants. The dead cactuses were like skeletons and surprisingly hard and barky like trees. The park was surrounded by huge red rock hills and mountains and we watched the sun go down between the cactuses and the birds going to roost.
Then we came back for pre-dinner swim and had dinner near the canal in Scottsdale in a surreal area full of swanky bars and restaurants, but also the most kitsch shops selling chihuahas in sombreros etc.

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